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Surface Optics ET-100 Measurement Kit

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The ET100 measures directional reflectance at six bands in the thermal infrared spectral region at two incidence angles, 20° and 60°. Based on those values, directional and total hemispherical emissivity is calculated. It is a real portable battery powered reflectometer controlled by a built in PDA type computer. The ET100 is a handy tool for radiative heat transfer applications including field inspections.

To perform measurements the unit is placed against the surface to be tested and the trigger is pressed to record the data. It takes about seven seconds to take a measurement. In the Calibration screen the ET100 is calibrated with a specular gold coupon measured in reference to a coupon measured by NIST.


  • Measures reflectance in the infrared spectral range and calculates directional thermal emissivity.
  • Makes measurements at two incidence angles: near normal 20°, and near grazing 60°
  • Measurement time approximately 10 seconds
  • Battery operated & fully portable
  • Saves the data on a CompactFlash™ card
  • Easily measures directional thermal emissivity
  • Calculates hemispherical thermal emissivity
  • No sample size restrictions
  • Ideal tool for radiative heat transfer applications
  • Replaces the Gier Dunkle DB-100 reflectometer
  • ASTM E408


Kit Contains:

  • 0410-0007 ET-100 Measurement Head
  • 0410-0001 SOC410 Series Command Module - 220VAC (batteries and charger included)
  • 0410-0101 Specular Gold Calibration Coupon (NIST Traceable)